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Unicorn SPiT Q&A

Welcome to Unicorn SPiT™ Q&A - PLEASE READ ENTIRE POSTUnicorn SPiT™ Stain & Glaze is an all-natural, non-toxic, water based, vibrantly colored medium with a jasmine scent. It is safe to use indoors, on many surfaces and for any age or ability. Unicorn SPiT™ is a highly concentrated gel that can be diluted up to 70% with water for use as a stain on woods and porous surfaces or full strength as a paint or glaze. Due to its unique qualities, Unicorn SPiT™ stays vibrant and strong even when diluted. It can be used on wood, canvas, metals, plastic, fabric, glass, laminate and many other surfaces. Please make sure to always seal your initial work with an oil based sealer to protect Unicorn SPiT™ from reactivating (becoming wet again and smearing/bleeding). It is certified non toxic. Decorative use recommended. Do not consume.

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1. The Unicorn SPiT product has been professionally formulated and tested by PhD chemists – using the foundational formula Michelle created
2. Unicorn SPiT has been thoroughly reviewed by Board Certified Toxicologists and deemed non-toxic
3. The Unicorn SPiT product is formulated to have consistency, shelf-stability and contains most premium quality component materials available – and is made by an ISO compliant quality manufacturer
4. The Glaze Coat product is a perfect match to use with the Unicorn SPiT – and we know that no homemade product can come close to comparison.
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  • I did a dining table in unicorn spit and it’s beautiful. The used three coats of polyurethane to protect it. May I put a clear cover over the table to protect it ?

    • Carol
  • How much coverage does a 4oz bottle do?

    • Pamela j Baergen