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Giving New Life to My Old Bench Unicorn Spit Challenge

Unicorn spit challenge!!! I started with a bench I had for years and one of my children had carved on it. I decided to refinish it with my child's help ( I made her sand it for punishment)

First it needed a good sanding!


I then applied Unicorn Spit that I had diluted with 5 parts Water to one part unicorn spit. I was very random with the colors, but I did follow the wood grain as I wiped the Unicorn spit on with an old cloth ( I used and old t-shirt) some spots I let the Unicorn Spit drip out of a syringe and run down and I would just wipe back on it. I used dragons belly green to color in the vines in the wood. I also used it for other parts of the bench along with the colors lemon kiss, Molly red pepper and purple hill magesty.


I then used spar urethane for both indoor and outdoor use to finish. I used 4 coats lightly sanding between each one with a 320 grit sand paper.



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