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From Boring to Beautiful-Easy DIY Unicorn SPiT Pansy Technique

From Boring to Beautiful-Easy DIY Unicorn SPiT Pansy Technique

Step by Step Directions to transform your project into a Pansy Explosion with just one finger, a few supplies and Unicorn SPiT!
This technique can be used on just about any surface but for this demonstration, I will be using an ordinary dollar store clear glass vase.
By now you've probably heard of Unicorn SpiT but in case you haven't, let me tell you a little bit about it! Unicorn SPiT is an amazing colored gel stain and glaze in one product. It's the first and best of its kind. It can be used as a glaze/paint over existing finishes, an enhancer over chalk paint for a three dimensional effect, a wood stain and more! It is non-toxic and smells like jasmine! No kidding! Jasmine! This means crafts, painting and staining all year long indoors!!! No harmful chemicals or odors and cleans up with water!! I am so happy about this product! The sky's the limit. So, I was playing around one day with SPiT and my brush was loaded with one color and I needed a quick dab of another color so I laid down my brush and dabbed my finger in the paint to touch up that area on my vase and that is when I realized I could get this Pansy-like effect with just my finger! So like Forest Gump, I ran with it and didn't stop! The result was a chintz-like patten of pansies! It's so easy to do with such great results!!
Prep your vase by cleaning and drying so no dirt or sticker residue resides on the glass.
Paint the outside of the vase in your choice of chalk paint. Let dry. You may need two or three coats for a finished look on the inside.
Once you can no longer see through the paint from the inside, you're ready to finger paint with Unicorn SPiT!
One coat vs 3 coats!
Set up your palate of colors and start with your darker colors first. Dab your finger in one, two, or three colors you think would make a nice flower. Dab your finger in a three dab sequence going in a 180 degree pattern—resembling a three petal flower.
Cover the vase with as many flowers in that color you'd like without overlapping. Let dry. Repeat with other colors. Let dry. Repeat some more! Once you have the vase completely covered, and it's dry, go over one final time to make corrections and layer over any that need a little more. Add a dab or two of another color in the center to resemble the pistal. Let dry! You can do this as many times as you want until you like how it looks. Then just let it dry and if you’re as impatient as I am, use a blow dryer to speed things along.
Almost done! Here is where the magic happens with Unicorn SPiT. You’ll notice on your project, that when unicorn spit dries the paint becomes chalky and lighter in appearance than when it was wet. Don't panic!! This just means the SpiT is dry and ready to seal!! When you spray or paint your polyurethane onto your project, the spit returns to its bright depth and restores the life it had when it was wet. It even takes on a three-dimensional effect. Spray or paint your project with only an oil based sealer. When using Unicorn SpiT which is water based, you always want to seal with an oil based polyurethane or finish to prevent reactivating your SpiT. On this project my favorite product is RUST-OLEUM Triple Thick Glaze. Several coats with light sanding (220 grit) in between should do the trick.
A very forgiving bonus to this technique is it hides mistakes in both your art as well as your finish. There will be a bumpy 3D effect so sanding is important but not a must. If you like it, that's all that matters! I find after several coats of the spray, that it is smooth enough for me but still has a slight bumpy texture. I think that adds to the 3-D effect of the Unicorn SPiT and the floral pattern pops with color and depth.
There you have it! A beautiful piece of art that cost pennies to make and all it takes is a finger, your imagination and a few easy supplies thanks to Unicorn SPiT.
Here are four samples of this beautiful technique!
Hope you like this technique and want to try it for yourself!!
By Melissa Marlow Reid

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